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Tammers Aviation provides a high quality, progressive product range which keeps developing constantly alongside with the aviation industry requirements. Our expertise, over 25 years of experience and the modern technology ensure that our products are fit to perfection and easy to service. We operate through controlled and cost-effective processes benefitting our customers in their total cost management.

In addition to the aviation industry, we provide seat covers, carpets and other furnishings for cars, trucks, trains, buses, boats and special vehicles such as ambulances, forestry machines and excavators.

Product Portfolio

Passenger Seat Covers

– Fabric
– Leather
– Artificial Leather

All with/without laminated backing
All with different stitching types

Helicopter seat covers

Carpets (precut)

– 100% Wool
– 100% Polyamide (Nylon)
– Mixed Wool/ Polyamide


– Steam-Pleated
– Sewn-Pleated
– Wrapped (no pleats)

Cockpit Carpet Kits

Pilot Seat Covers

with or without sheepskin

Flight Attendant Seat Covers

– Leather
– Artificial Leather

Headrest Covers/Antimacassars

– Velcro mounted and logo/name stitched or printed

Bags/Covers/Protection Covers

– For loose equipment
– Carpet floor runners
– Protection covers for seats
– Engine inlet cowl covers
– stowage bags for children life vests
– stowage bags for military survival kits

Precision-Made Details

The pattern-making and production of the covers for Variable Geometry Seats (VGS) requires true professional skill. We have produced aircraft seat covers to fit the seats of the following manufacturers: Avio Interiors, B/E Aerospace, Sicma Aero Seat, Keiper Recaro, Contour.

State-of-the-art Technology & Tailoring

The combination of long time experience and solid professionalism of our pattern designers and the state-of-the-art information technology results in seat covers that fit to perfection and are easy to put on and strip off. We work in close cooperation with our material suppliers, who are just as prepared to design any airline a pattern of their own as they are to manufacture patterns already in use.

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