The Tammers Aviation way

Founded in 1983, Tammers Aviation specializes in the production of aviation products. In the world of fast-moving technology and strict regulations, we always aim at the highest quality – because in the long run, it’s also the most economical choice.

Our strengths are listening to our customers and transferring their ideas to products – quickly and efficiently. Optimized processes, production and administration including the stock under one roof allows short turn-around times. Everything we do is customer focus driven.

Tammers Aviation is a part of SNT-Group which is Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of vehicle interior furnishings.

Certified quality
We pride ourselves in being able to supply the ordered items with zero defects and within the agreed delivery time. Our ISO 9001 certified quality system covers all our activities – from designing to manufacturing and marketing.

Tammers Aviation operates with Manufacturing Licence (POA Part 21). We are partnering with various engineering companies holding a DOA license to provide documentation for the implementation of the products onboard passenger aircrafts.

A system for satisfaction
A range of methods are used for observing the customer satisfaction. Based on this feedback, we constantly improve our operations. Monitoring closely the costs caused by defects, our target is to keep these costs under 0.5 % of our turnover.

The quality and efficiency of our operation is maintained by constantly training our people and investing in the most modern production and engineering methods. We also make sure there are the resources necessary for maintaining the quality system itself.

Code of conduct
The Tammers way of working focuses on straightforward problem solving, equality and fairness. All laws and regulations relating to our business are documented and closely adhered to.


Company founded in Tampere, Finland


Production of ready-made soft furnishings for the Aviation industry


Company sold to Investment Group and Mr. Kari Talja


EASA Part 21 POA received


Mr. Kari Talja took over 100% of Tammer-Suoja


SNT-Group (founded in 1948 and located in Tampere, Finland)


August – ordering additional sewing machines to increase total capacity to more than 50 workstations


September – hiring additional personnel to increase capacity


December – application of the second state-of-the-art cutting table


February – moving to new facility in Tampere. Increasing production and storage space from 1.500 m2 to 3.300 m2


After more than 25 years of success in Finland, Tammers Aviation offers their products and services globally


April, joining AIX in Hamburg, “Going Global”

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